Dr. Mohammed Sonebi (Coordinator) is a Senior Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Research Cluster, School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queen’s University Belfast, UK.  He received his PhD and MSc in Civil Engineering from University of Sherbrooke, Canada.  He has conducted extensive researches on self-compacting concrete, low carbon/low energy concrete, lightweight concrete, characterization and utilization of industrial by-products and waste materials, rheology of based-materials, nanotechnology, formulation of special concrete (pervious concrete, self-compacting SIFCON (Slurry infiltrated Fibre Concrete), hemp concrete), development and evaluation of cement additives and concrete admixtures, durability and repair, health monitoring of structures, modeling of the performance of cement-based materials.  He has developed several test equipments in these areas.  Widely published with sound experience in project, task planning, budget and cost control, and experience QA/QC procedures.  I have high degree of citations (h-index: 29, 2892 citations). I have authored/co-authored more than 82 journals and 138 conference peer-reviewed papers and 27 books/chapters.  In particular, his four American Concrete Institute and five RILEM books are considered to be cutting edge on the industry-academia-education interface.  His publications have high degree of citation in his field of research (high Citations and h-index).  In education, he developed a curriculum of MSc programme on Durability of Structures and he is the director of this MSc. He is a Director of research “Environmental Change and Resilence” Cluster at SNBE.

Dr. Sonebi is a Chair of RILEM TC-266 on Measuring Rheological Properties of Cement Based Materials, Vice-Chair of ACI Committee 552, and member of several Technical Committees within ACI (236, 236B, 236D, 237, 238, 552, 564), RILEM (197, 205, 209, 222, 233, 228, 236, 275, 276), ASTM C09.47, fib TG8.8 and Concrete Society (UK).  As industrial experience, he was R&D Manager and Assistant of Technical Director of RMC in UAE (2004-2005).  He is an editorial board member of The Open Construction & Building Technology Journal, The Scientific World Journal Civil Engineering, and Journal of Sustainable Cement-based Materials.  He was been involved in organization of several International Conferences and member of Scientific Committees.  He was also invited keynote speaker in several International Conferences (North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East).  He awarded Best of best UK Award KTP partnership 2013, highly commended UK Engineering Excellence 2013 and best NI KTP project 2013.  He was awarded a certificate by the Commission of the European Union as one of ten finalist projects considered for the Descartes Prize 2002 for Brite-Euram project on Self-Compacting Concrete.

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Prof Su Taylor

Prof Su Taylor

Su Taylor is Professor in Structural Engineering at Queen’s University of Belfast. She studied Building (Structural) Engineering at the University of Bath and is a Chartered Engineer.

She has a track record in attracting research funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Technology Strategy Board, the Department of Transport and Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

A prioritisation of her research and development has always been to safeguard the integrity of our built environment; the components and the end users and my research activity aims to promote this. I intend to advance the area of intelligent sensing technologies with the use of advanced concretes and composites in, and for, the built environment through collaborative research and to foster my external links both nationally and internationally. Her specific research interests are the application of Fibre Optic Sensors for structural and durability monitoring of concrete and timber structures, the development of low energy materials, the use of advanced composites in construction, structural analysis and CMA.

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Dr Emilio Garcia-Taengua PhD MEng MSc CEng MACI

Dr Emilio Garcia-Taengua is Research Fellow at Queen’s University. He is a civil engineer, obtained his MSc (MEng) degree in civil engineering at Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), where he received his PhD after completing a thesis on bond of rebars to steel fibre reinforced concrete. He also specialized in data analysis and has an MSc in Applied Statistics and Operations Research.

Before moving to Belfast he was Lecturer in Construction Materials at Universitat Politècnica de València and member of the research staff at ICITECH, the Institute of Concrete Science and Technology in Valencia, where he developed his research activity in relation to self-compacting, fibre-reinforced and recycled aggregate concrete. He is also experienced in teaching scientific and technological skills as well as foreign languages in business related contexts, and has co-operated with Diagnoma, a Spanish company specialized in geotechnics and structural advisorship.

As a member of the panel of experts he reviews technical papers for several journals and magazines related to his fields of expertise, and his research now aims at finding ways of implementing advances in concrete technology at an industrial level. He’s been granted a Marie Curie Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers associated to his post at Queen’s University of Belfast.

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Mr Peter Deegan

Peter Deegan is technical director with Banagher Precast concrete and has almost 25 years experience in the precast concrete industry.He is Chairman of the Irish Concrete Federation technical committee and a member of the NSAI CONCRETE Consultative committee. He has written and presented many papers on concrete durability, maturity and most recently aesthetics and is almost complete a PhD in Trinity College Dublin on this subject.

He has led his company in on going R+D  over many years in product development and advances in concrete technology. Most notably  HPC, SCC and carbon fibre reinforced concrete. As a chartered member of The Institute of Concrete Technology he is one of a small number of technically strong people on the island of Ireland that are leading “concrete” into the 21st century. He has worked with all the third level colleges in Ireland either in a support capacity with student projects or as a mentor.

Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd webpage

Dr Liberato Ferrara

Liberato Ferrara, PhD, is Associate Professor of Structural Analysis and Design at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. In 2013 he has got, according to the Italian law, the National Scientific Qualification to Associate Professor. In 2006 he has been Fulbright visiting scholar at ACBM, Northwestern University and in 2008, 2010 and 2013 has been visiting lecturer at Beijing Jiaotong University, China.

His research interests include fibre reinforced cementitious composites, self-consolidating concrete, computational modelling of fresh concrete behaviour, non-destructive monitoring of fibre dispersion, fracture and damage mechanics of quasi brittle materials, precast concrete structures.

He has authored more than 150 papers on these topics published in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings.

He is chair of ACI TC 544-C, Fibre Reinforced Concrete-Testing; co-convenor of the fib TG 8.8 Design with highly flowable concrete and member of RILEM TCs MPS-Mechanical properties of SCC and SCF-Simulation of flow of fresh concrete and of ACI Committee 237 –Self-consolidating concrete; 236-D-Nanotechnology in concrete and 239-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete.  He is PI and co-PI in several projects dealing with structural applications of advanced cement based materials, including on FP7 Project on the use of recycled aggregated and recycled/natural fibres in concrete (in cooperation with University of Salerno – team leader, University of Minho, Portugal; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; University of Buenos Aires and University of Tucuman, Argentina). He is also PI in cooperation with several international universities and research institutes (TU Dresden, Germany; Ben Gurion University, Israel, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India; Myongjing University, South Korea). He is also active in consultancy and research projects with private industry companies. He has served in the Organizing and International Scientific Committees of several international conferences on Fibre Reinforced Concrete and Self Consolidating Concrete.

Dr Ferrara’s profile at Politecnico di Milano webpage

Mr Andrea Pattarini

Andrea Pattarini, 33 years old, is an Italian Industrial Engineer from the University of Parma and an MBA alumni from SDA Bocconi, Milan and Chicago Booth, University of Chicago. He worked mainly in financial and consulting positions among the cities of Milan, London and Mantova, his home town. His last workplace is Azichem, a small but highly innovative company from Mantova, specialized in developing, producing and distributing special products and technologies for the construction business, either residential, industrial, infrastructural or historical. Within Azichem, he is responsible for the fibers division and foreign markets developments.

Azichem webpage